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Dedicated, Compassionate, Personable

Maison Psychological


About Me

When I reflect on my childhood, it’s apparent that I’ve always had a passion for helping others. To me, helping others was what I was always meant to do. 


I’ve been practicing in the field of psychotherapy and mental health for the past 8 years. I believe that I am unconditionally accepting, non-judgemental, easily approachable, dedicated, and compassionate. I strive to create a supportive and calming environment that one feels safe to be open and vulnerable. I believe that all of these factors are fundamental in creating an experience that promotes meaningful change. I am trained and experienced in various psychotherapy models and specialize in treating anxiety, depression, trauma, and chronic pain. I am dedicated to helping others in this capacity and consider it a privilege to learn more about you and to be welcomed into your ‘home’.


Specializing in Anxiety Treatment, Depression, Trauma and Chronic Pain


Feeling nervous and worried at times is both a normal and helpful part of life. However, for people who suffer from an anxiety disorder, the intense, excessive, persistent worry, and fear can lead to anxiety symptoms that seriously impact their lives. Rest assured that you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Anxiety disorders can affect anyone at any age and are the most common mental health problem.


9 to 17% of the population in North America and Europe will experience Major Depression Disorder (MDD or Depression) at some point in their lives (Wittchen, Beesdo, Bittner, & Goodwin, 2003). Depression is much more than just a temporary state of being and cannot simply be overcome by sheer will. Unfortunately, people tend to be judgemental of themselves and of others by saying things like, “get over it already”, and “just get it together”. 


When bad things happen to us it can lead to trauma symptoms and tremendous suffering. These symptoms can include but are not limited to: difficulty dealing with upsetting emotions, feeling a constant sense of being in danger, or bring back terrifying memories. The resulting psychological and emotional impacts after experiencing a traumatic event can overwhelm an individual’s ability to cope causing people to feel unsafe, helpless, vulnerable, and alone. 

Chronic Pain

Typically when we have physical pain in our bodies, we are only treated for those physical symptoms, i.e. - surgery, medications, topical agents, etc. In actual fact, chronic pain is an experience that not only includes physical pain, but also sensory, psychological, and emotional factors that make up the overall experience of pain. Research on chronic pain has provided overwhelming evidence on the importance of addressing these factors simultaneously. 

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